Touch 2 Order - Giving Patients More Control Over Their Meals

Published on : 11/25/21
  • Sodexo's new 'Touch 2 Order' patient food ordering app has now launched in selected sites throughout the region.

    What is Touch 2 Order?

    Touch 2 Order is an app-based patient food ordering system where in-patients are given the opportunity to choose their meals from a wide variety of options that are tailored specifically to their needs. For example, a patient being treated for diabetes will only be presented with meal options that are appropriate for their condition. The patient will also be able to see images and extra nutritional information about their choices, and will have the option to provide feedback about their experience.

    Anyone who has used popular food ordering apps at home will be familiar with the concept but Touch 2 Order is designed specifically with the in-patient in mind and tailored for their own individual needs.

    Great for the patient

    • All meal options and images can be viewed and selected on the patient's own phone or tablet
    • The patient can select meals that are appropriate to their condition
    • Extra nutritional information on the meals is provided through the app for the patient to view
    • Rich user interface with the option to add extra images, video, recipes etc


    Great for the hospital

    • Patient data can be used to offer appropriate meal options
    • Orders go straight to the kitchen, saving time and resources
    • Feedback can be received and used to adapt menus
    • Less wastage 
    • Cuts down on time-consuming paperwork
    • Less scope for communication errors between patient, staff and kitchen


    Commenting on the launch of Touch 2 Order in the UAE, Rachid Noujeim, CEO of Sodexo Middle East says: “Using self-optimising systems, we have been able to further enhance in-patient and visitor experiences across our operational sites. The recent pilot launch of Touch to Order in healthcare sites in the UAE has been very successful with overall user feedback being very positive and we look forward to expanding our operations to further sites across the Middle East and the UAE in the coming months."

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