Our Facilities Management Services

Sodexo employee cleaning a walkway with a buffing machine

Business & Industry

Sodexo supports business strategies that improve the Quality of Life of individuals at work to positively impact organizations’ performance.

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Sodexo receptionist serving a customer

Energy & Resources

Our experience and research in the Onshore and Offshore segments help us add value by integrating the delivery of a broader scope of facilities management services that lead to a more productive and more engaged workforce.

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Healthcare Facilities Management


Sodexo healthcare partners with government and private healthcare organizations to deliver services that contribute to the delivery of better care for patients, staff and visitors.

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Sodexo employee distributing uniform to military personnel


We have over 35 years’ experience in providing services to improve the quality of life of the armed forces based in the Middle East.

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Schools Facilities Management


We work with schools across the Middle East providing services that ensure children have nutritious, balanced diets in a safe, welcoming environment.

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Universities Facilities Management


Sodexo delivers services to give students an attractive, welcoming campus experience in an environment that supports social needs.

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Sports & Leisure Facilities Management

Sports & Leisure

Sodexo has been a strategic partner of sports stadia, racecourses, cultural destinations, iconic events and premium airlines.

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