Local, seasonal and sustainable

Man and woman picking vegetables in a fieldWithout farmers, there would be no food. We are mindful about the impact of our sourcing choices. Our supply experts are increasingly sourcing local and seasonal produce, and working with local farmers and producers around each of our client sites.  We take pride in increasing the availability of fresh products, reducing our environmental impact and to contributing to the livelihood of our clients' communities.


Food safety: our number 1 priority

Sodexo catering employees wearing hairnets and masks while preparing foodWhen it comes to food service, safety is a non-negotiable. For our consumers and clients, safe food service is a matter of trust. That’s why Sodexo puts significant resources toward food safety and food safety training. Our operations around the world comply with recognized industry food safety standards. Our food safety standards and systems are designed to ensure high quality safe food and service and prevent incidents.


Sustainable Seafood

The health of our oceans is essential to the health of our planet.The health of our oceans is essential to the health of our planet. Sodexo are committed to sourcing at 100% sustainable seafood by 2025, and we are currently at 77.7% of our goal. In order to meet this goal, we are working with suppliers to source increasingly from responsibly managed fisheries and seafood farms. Sodexo is a founding partner and is represented on the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), a multi-stakeholder platform that provides a global benchmarking tool for seafood certification schemes.


Responsible sourcing

Wheelbarrow filled with vegetables being pushed through a vegetable gardenWe're working with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to develop a sustainable sourcing strategy for the following priority commodities: fruits and vegetables, palm oil, soy, beef and dairy. These five are the most important for our business and have the highest environmental impact.


Growing Responsibly

In 1966, we were among the first few companies in the world to place a social element at the core of its mission. Why? Because we have always wanted our growth to make sense.

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