New protocols optimize critical facilities as part of UAE’s broader world-class reopening

Dubai, June 23, 2020 – Sodexo, World Leader in Quality of Life services, announced today the launch of its global "Rise with Sodexo" program tailored for the company’s UAE-based business. The program will expand regionally to help clients across 600 locations in the Middle East thrive in the new normal of health, operational and confidence challenges that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With a global footprint spanning 67 countries, the UAE stands out in the sheer decisiveness and quality of management of this truly unprecedented crisis,” says Rachid Noujeim, CEO of Sodexo Middle East. “After engaging extensively with our clients in the region – including leading hospitals, onshore and offshore energy sites, in addition to corporate and educational institutions – and reviewing global best practice, our team is honored to play a role contributing to the world-class re-opening efforts in the UAE and beyond.”

“With our 2,500 strong staff in the UAE and over 9,000 regionally, we aim to set a positive course to thrive in the next normal in the midst of never-before-imagined circumstances imposed by COVID-19,” adds Noujeim.

Drawing on expertise from Sodexo’s support for businesses based in China during the restart of their activities, the company’s teams and experts have identified the new needs of clients and employees from all sectors of activity.

This approach, aimed at having a positive impact today and every day and reestablishing confidence, brings together five specific solution areas:

  • Prepare with an expert risk assessments and restart process.
  • Protect people and places through services ranging from disinfection to contactless services.
  • Enable teams to perform at their best with services for on-site employees with healthy and sustainable food offers grab-and-go solutions, retail and digital convenience
  • Support employee wellness and communication.
  • Optimize workplace experience for maximum efficiency – applying world-class sustainability principles in all we do while respecting commitments in terms of environmental responsibility.

Thanks to the seamless integration of Sodexo’s services across facility management and catering services, the company has the unique capacity to integrate 15 essential service offerings, customized specifically to clients and consumers’ needs across the Middle East.

As Sodexo focuses on thriving in the next new normal, the company is committing to a sustainable economic recovery amidst Covid19, as it continues to act towards its goal to reduce food waste by 50% on active sites equipped with its data-driven food waste reduction program, WasteWatch powered by Leanpath. As client sites reopen around the world, Sodexo will continue the deployment of the program. Prior to Covid-19, Sodexo had 1,500 sites equipped or actively engaged in the deployment process of the program. Since the launch of the program, Sodexo has been able to save the equivalent of 4.8 million meals. This represents a reduction of 15,200 metric tons of carbon emissions.

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