The Rise of Contactless Ordering in Catering

Published on : 7/17/21
  • Contactless payment solutions, online ordering and room-service style deliveries have seen a big increase in uptake across healthcare settings in the Middle East since the start of the pandemic.


    The use of contactless ordering and payment across the catering industry has soared since 2020. Whilst contactless solutions were once a ‘nice to have’ they are now essential tools and in response, companies are scaling up their provision of contactless services to match the needs of clients and consumers. COVID-19 safety concerns have undoubtedly accelerated this phenomenon but the popularity of contactless dining is predicted to endure long after the pandemic has subsided, for example, a recent McKinsey report reveals that 69% of Qatar residents plan to continue to use food ordering apps even after any restrictions have been lifted. The features which made contactless ordering essential in 2020 - online ordering, personalized delivery and contactless payment - are going to be relevant for the foreseeable future.

    Online ordering and contactless payments have also helped people better adhere to rules and regulations regarding physical contact and movement outside of the home throughout the recent pandemic. As outlined below, Sodexo has extensive experience with contactless ordering across the catering sector in Qatar and the Middle East. In addition to our different apps, we also provide contactless meal services in the workplace and we specialise in offering contactless ordering and delivery in healthcare settings.

    Contactless Ordering Apps

    Sodexo’s contactless ordering apps are available in numerous countries around the World. In the Middle East, our One Klick app has been developed in response to a clear market need by enabling our customers to enjoy what they want, when they want, where they want it. They can buy from restaurants and retail outlets, accessing deliver-in options or using the click-and-collect features at the touch of a button.


    Contactless Hospital Catering

    Our experience in different work environments and our expertise with contactless technologies combine perfectly in hospital catering. Contactless services are especially useful in the hospital environment since shared touchpoints are removed and physical contact can be reduced or even eliminated. Automated room service technology for example, limits COVID-19 exposure and infection risks in particular in a hospital environment.

    Our contactless hospital catering services improve the experience of patients, visitors, staff, and our clients in anumber of ways.


    • Our in-room patient dining solutions can interface directly with the patient’s electronic medical records using HL7 protocols to incorporate any specific dietary requirements whilst maintaining patient privacy.
    • Patients can access customised menus that provide options and ingredients based on dietary restrictions from the comfort of their room. 
    • Better tracking ensures that meal arrive hot and on time
    • Protects against accidental ordering of restricted items based on diet, cohort, and allergens. 


    • Can order from the patient’s room and experience good nutrition in a comforting atmosphere, allowing them to better manage the stress of a loved one’s illness.
    • Contactless payment for all major credit cards

    Hospital Staff

    • Tray tracking alert system that highlights any delivery issues.
    • Tray reservation system streamlines food production and assembly and utilizes real-time tray tracking from order to delivery.
    • A quicker and more efficient delivery process means satisfied patients and customers.
    • Through the One Klick app, staff can view menus, pre-order and use the click-and-collect feature for their own dining needs whilst at the hospital.


    • Improved patient satisfaction.
    • Increased operating efficiency (by reducing demands on staff time)
    • Uses compliant software that ensures patient privacy.
    • Provides a complete patient nourishment management system (with capabilities to track patient diet history, meal preferences, and minimum/maximum nutrition tracking and item ordering for each patient)
    • Retains patient health information in a secure and compliant way.

    For times when a more traditional dining experience is preferred, we can also offer contactless solutions in a more face-to-face retail environment. Sodexo provides cafes for visitors and staff under the 'Vive Cafe' and natural! brands in Qatar and across the Middle East. These offer a variety of foods and drinks from local and international brands. We also offer convenience solutions (coffee bars, kiosks, and 24/7 mini-markets) all equipped with the latest contactless payment options. These cafes and shops offer safe and healthy interactions, and the opportunity to recharge in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Even with the pandemic and all the disruption to our social norms that it has brought, we never lose sight of the fact that when circumstances allow, many people still prefer and appreciate the reassurance of safe face-to-face contact during their time in hospital, a potentially stressful time.

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