Specialised Diets in Healthcare Catering

Published on : 9/1/21
  • With levels of diabetes, heart disease and renal conditions on the rise in our region and across the world, a growing body of evidence shows that many of the diseases that plague our societies can be successfully managed through a combination of medication, diet and lifestyle changes.

    In many cases, the right mix of nutrients can keep heart rate, insulin, and blood sugar levels under control and is proven to improve outcomes for patients. It is also clear that information around what constitutes an appropriate diet to manage such diseases can be unclear and unappealing to patients. Because of this, such diets are often not being followed.


    The Sodexo Approach to Clinical Nutrition

    Specialised Nutritionists

    Sodexo boasts over 2500 Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) globally and is the world's largest private employer of nutritionists. We understand the nutrition needs of patients who have specific requirements as a result of a clinical procedure or a health condition. Sodexo nutritionists partner with hospitals to create clinically relevant menus and to provide individualised, nutritionally balanced and quality meals.


    Customised Menus

    Sodexo offers a range of specialised menus for different health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Using our extensive expertise and deep-diving into carefully collected research data on common health conditions, we have designed more than 14 custom diet plans in the Middle East. Each plan is specific to a patient category and can be further customized to meet individual nutrition needs and taste preferences. Our menus are designed to ensure nutritional compliance in the hospital and to be enjoyable enough to inspire people to continue with their plan even after leaving hospital.


    Focus On Taste

    To ensure patients get the nutrition prescribed by their medical specialist, they must, of course, be eating it. Patients can be overwhelmed with food restrictions and often reject sudden changes to their diet. To ensure they get all the nutrition they need, it's important to make their food tasty and appealing.

    Sodexo implements a mindful approach to nutrition. We offer fresh food that is nutritional, culturally varied, imaginative and satisfying. Patients can choose from a wide range of options that are tailored to their condition but also appealing and appetizing. Our nutrient-dense food has a perfect balance of carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and fruits, and is low in unsaturated fat and salt.

    From Hospital To Home

    Sodexo’s nutrition programs in the Middle East are designed to enable more positive outcomes. Our evidence-based initiatives have transformed diet plans in healthcare settings across the region and patients are reacting positively to our balanced approach to nutrition. Increasingly, patients are inspired by their hospital meal plans and are transferring them from their hospital rooms back to their homes and improving their chances of a positive outcome.

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