9 Commitments for a Better Tomorrow

Published on : 9/8/21
  • Better Tomorrow 2025 is Sodexo's global corporate social responsibility plan, designed to keep us on track in relation to our aspirations as a responsible business.

    As a company that promises to improve people’s quality of life, corporate responsibility lies at the core of everything we do. Better Tomorrow 2025 is Sodexo's global corporate social responsibility plan. designed to keep us on track in relation to our aspirations as a responsible business. Following the guidelines of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched in 2015, this framework guides our work and orients our progress on some of the world’s most important issues. With nine measurable commitments, Better Tomorrow 2025 focuses our actions in each of our three key roles (an employer, a service provider and a corporate citizen) to ensure a positive impact on individuals, communities and the environment.

    For Individuals


    For Communities


    For The Environment


    The key to achieving actual benefits from our commitments is to continuously measure progress and to keep pushing for results. That’s why, every year, we collect data, verified via internal and external audits, on over 10,000 sites in 47 countries. This data is used to track our actions and monitor progress towards our commitments. This process helps us identify risks, weak signals, market trends and client and consumer expectations to better embed sustainability practices in our activities.

    How Are We Doing So Far?

    As we work hard to reach all these targets, here are some of the ways that we are turning our goals into reality in the Middle East.

    Gender Balance

    At Sodexo, 55% of the total workforce and 60% of the Board of Directors are female.
    Rachid Noujeim, CEO of Sodexo Middle East says,
    “Gender balance in the workplace is an essential pillar of Sodexo's diversity and inclusion strategy, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because a diverse and balanced team performs better and reflects and anticipates the needs of the 100 million customers and consumers we reach every day.”

    Stop Hunger

    Since 1996, the Sodexo founded Stop Hunger organisation has been working tirelessly to help end the scourge of world hunger - in 2019, 7.9 million meals were provided to those in need, a 63% increase on the previous year. In the Middle East, Sodexo employees contributed a massive 12,000kg of food through fundraising and skilled volunteering in our local communities.


    Food Waste

    Sodexo’s Waste Watch programme has been rolled out successfully across 41 sites in the middle east, trials have already shown a reduction in waste levels of up to 50%.


    The Middle East is a melting pot of different cultures with most of the population being expatriates coming from all parts of the world. In the region, our workforce comprises at least 54 nationalities representing and understanding the cultural differences of the consumers we serve.

    Access to Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    Sodexo now offer a range of plant-based meals at every client site in the Middle East, We are committed to encouraging our consumers to develop good eating habits and healthy lifestyles through awareness campaigns. With the help of our nutritionists, we create balanced, nourishing meals adapted to consumers’ lifestyles and the diversity of their tastes around the world. For example, we share nutritional and allergen information of the meals served and plant-based meals now form a part of our standard offerings.

    The Sodexo Middle East team are fully committed to hitting every one of our 9 commitments and where possible, go beyond them. When we say we offer Quality of Life Services, we understand that it needs to go further than our day-to-day roles and extend into the societies in which we operate.


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