Annual Culinary Report 2024 - Love of Food

The best of our food services in 2024


Our food services at the heart of Sodexo

Our love of food is Sodexo’s culinary heart and soul, and we share a passion for bringing incredibly delicious sustainable dishes and a spirit of hospitality to guests every day.

Together with our 430,000 employees, we have an important role to play in the health and nutrition of our 80 million consumers worldwide. Having a positive impact both on our planet and on people is the core of the way we deliver valued experiences for our consumers.

Innovation to offer the best food catering services

Our food catering service teams are leading the way to culinary innovation across the world. From plant-based to “blue food,” we are crafting and serving dishes delivered through a lens of sustainability and health.

Annual-Culinary-Report-2024-cover-1.jpg2024 Culinary Report

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