Building positive perception for women leaders

Published on : 3/8/21
  • Sodexo is currently leading the corporate industry through illustrating change and setting a benchmark that others may aspire to achieve.

    Initiatives such as Spirit of Inclusion provide a great platform for an inclusive environment that allow people to remove their unconscious biases and to enhance positive perceptions of gender roles within the organisation while empowering women to grow further in their careers. Furthermore, Sodexo ensures that gender equality is a key factor in succession planning creating a pipeline that encourages women to stay and grow their careers.

    Most challenging

    The most challenging aspect would be constantly being under pressure and making sure that every single request or task is given the utmost level of attention and care, while trying to respect a fair work-life balance trend. Secondly, as it is part of my role to provide full spectrum advise across our line of businesses, it may become challenging when related to such a wide and diverse geography.

    Most engaging

    I would have to say one of the most engaging aspects of my job is being on the frontline of negotiations for various transactions allowing me to be deeply involved in the success and growth of the company. Moreover, I have the honour to be an integral part of the decision-making process for the strategic growth of the region which is highly rewarding if we consider that I only joined Sodexo 4 years ago. The company’s vision promotes individual growth and empowerment towards a common development goal.
    Pamela Di Benedetto, General Counsel Africa and Middle East, Sodexo

    Di Benedetto has spent most of her career in male dominated environments for various companies, but during her past few years at Sodexo, it has been clear that Sodexo is determined to ensure that gender equality is always a key focus for the organisation.

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