Our ethical principles:

Sodexo Ethical principles

For 50 years, Sodexo's ethical principles have deeply united our teams around the world and are a major strength compared to our competitors.

All of our ethical principles are set out in our Code of Conduct, "Business Integrity Guide". Its role is to ensure integrity in the conduct of our business.

This Code reflects the practices imposed by responsible business conduct. Each employee understands and shares this commitment to the fight against corruption and unfair competition.

In the interest of constant progress, Sodexo is a member of major associations and institutes and refers to their expertise:

In 2011, Sodexo decided to appoint a Group Ethics Officer, who is reporting to the Group Chief Executive Officer, to promote our ethical principles and disseminate our responsible business conduct program. Indeed, all our employees are made aware of the principles of integrity and good practices promoted in our "Business Integrity Guide".

Ethics & Compliance Committee 

At Sodexo, we have chosen to set up an ethics and compliance committee to ensure responsible business conduct. Since 2010, the members of this ethics committee have been gathering at quarterly meetings, which also include members of Executive Committee.

The Ethics and Compliance Committee is composed of people from various teams:

Its main missions:

Responsible Business Conduct Program: We Are All Responsible

Our Responsible Business Conduct integrity program is based on three pillars:

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