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Published on : 3/25/21
  • Kanad Hospital is located in the city of Al Ain, about 160 km East of the UAE’s capital city Abu Dhabi. It is the birthplace of the rulers of the UAE and holds historic importance for the country.

    Since February 2015, Sodexo’s 97 staff have been providing both soft and hard FM services at the 2 hospital buildings spanning 62,000 sq mt with 130 beds. We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the way we work, reduce costs for our clients and ensure maximum safety for all. Because of this commitment we’ve been able to increase the services we deliver at Kanad Hospital, whilst always reducing costs for the hospital through our innovative approach.  

    Overview: High quality Facilities Management support  

    Kanad Hospital is a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited Hospital which assures patient safety in all aspects of their care.  

    Sodexo in the UAE is ISO certified in Quality, Health & Safety as well as Integrated Facilities Management. Our teams operate in accordance with the ISO standards and in total alignment with the hospital to deliver high quality service but also strive to always improve efficiency, create savings for the hospital and ensure maximum safety: 

    Improving efficiency with preventative maintenance 

    The ratio between Preventive and Reactive Maintenance has been reversed from 16% Preventive vs 84% Reactive in August 2015 (month of implementation) to 83% Preventive vs 17% Reactive in December 2020. 

    Sodexo uses a globally renowned highly efficient cloud-based maintenance (CMMS) software to monitor and measure performance of the facilities infrastructure and environment. This is focussed on overall health and well-being of individual facilities such as air quality, temperature and lighting as well as the quality and quantity of services and its impact on tenants.  The CMMS deployed at Kannad is at the heart of our connected workplace program, generating and managing the workflow of Asset Management services in the hospital. It provides real-time visibility of what is going on within the buildings, delivering valuable insights that has immensely benefitted the hospital especially in managing the preventive and reactive maintenance. 

    Creating savings for our client 

    51% of cost savings offered to the client in 5 years 

    At Kanad hospital like at all our sites, our teams are always looking at ways to improve – improve our services, innovate, find alternatives and reduce costs 

    • Through effective use of technology and resources planning, our team was able to deliver savings in manpower cost; utilising the same number of staff to manage an increased scope of work. 
    • Assembling and programming a cost-effective temperature monitoring system connected to the Building Management System (BMS) screens to ensure 24x7 monitoring of areas that need to be temperature controlled. For example, the medicine store needs to be at a temperature conducive to the shelf life of the medicines. This system sends an alert SMS if the temperature increases enabling necessary action. 
    • Continuous training of our own technicians to reduce external sub – contractor costs 
    • Due diligence in purchasing of electrical parts and proposing cost effective innovative solutions 

    Ensuring safety for patients and staff 

    The COVID-19 crisis caught the world by surprise. Advanced disinfection processes, cleaning resources and cleaning techniques was the need of the hour. But our teams had the backing of global knowledge and expertise in infection prevention and control and were able to quickly spring into action, putting top class safety measures and protocols in place.  

    • Daily infection prevention & control training programs with a comprehensive approach that includes the right tools and EPA-Registered products/chemicals approved by OCHAD and the Hospital Infection Control Committee.  
    • Isolation and high-risk area cleaning team trained to work in contaminated areas and are educated about cleaning procedures and processes, PPE, spill management & hand hygiene. 
    • Consistent education, training on best practices from across the globe to help reduce the transmission of infection & more productivity with less man hours. 
    • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection, focusing on high-risk contaminated areas & high touch surfaces such as elevator controller, office appliance, light switches, doorknobs, and patient care areas. 
    • Keeping employees safe from the virus: All our housekeeping staff were provided with the correct PPE and housed at the hospital for a period of 3 months as a precautionary measure to ensure safety of the team and the community. 

    Results: A valued partner in FM for hospitals 

    • Our efficiencies have enabled us to pass on 51% savings to the client 
    • The ratio between Preventive and Reactive Maintenance has been reversed from 16% Preventive vs 84% Reactive in August 2015 (month of implementation) to 83% Preventive vs 17% Reactive in December 2020. 

    We have always found that they manage and maintain the hospital premises to the highest standard and their services is of the highest quality. Their management team are flexible to a fault, available as required 24 hours a day and always willing to go that extra degree of cleanliness, maintenance work and repairs. 
    As Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Hospital, I am more than happy to endorse Sodexo for their quality services.

    - Alexander Jankuloski, CEO, Oasis Hospital  (now known as Kanad Hospital)

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