What we do

Handyman services
A multi-trained technician takes care of plumbing, carpentry, grease trap maintenance and pest control in the galley, mess and welfare facilities of your offshore unit.


Reception & Accommodation management
Our specialist personnel look after the management of your reception service as well as the allocation of accommodation.


Offshore waste management
We are able to support an end-to-end waste management solution from source minimization to disposal, recycling and/or treatment for a fleet of rigs or platforms.


Onshore and Engineering & Construction Projects Facilities Management Services
From housekeeping, administrative and technical maintenance services to management of recreational activities and waste transport, our solutions ensure the safety and comfort of all those we serve. Our clients know they can rely on our expertise to ensure compliance with the most stringent Health, Safety and Environment standards as well as on our contribution to the economic, social and environmental development of local communities that host their operations. The result: significant added value that improves the technical and economic performance of each site and contributes to the well-being of your employees.

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Food Services & Catering

Do you know we also supply catering and food services to onshore and offshore and those that work at Engineering & Construction project sites?

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Workplace & Technical Services

We also provide technical services and property management services to onshore, offshore and at Engineering & Construction project sites.

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Workplace & Technical Services

Offshore Refurbishments

We deliver accommodation improvements to optimise the limited space onboard offshore facilities, always appreciating the need for business continuity and employee retention.

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Serving your offshore teams

Our 1,400 employees on over 70 sites are working hard to provide your workforce with the high quality facilities and home comforts they deserve.