What we do

At Sodexo, we are passionate believers in the human-centric, experience-based workplace, where individual talents are released, where people can invent, inspire, lead and learn. We’re working with organizations worldwide to make it a reality.


Sodexo uses experience design to look at all aspects of the workplace.  Within the walls of the physical space and beyond, delivering solutions that include food, technology, the physical environment, benefits and rewards and health and wellness – aspects that come together to create more coherent and immersive workplaces that make employees’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

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Food Service & Catering

Did you know we also provide supply catering and food services to business clients?

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Corporate Event Facilities Management Company

Work Reimagined

Work Reimagined is for business leaders who are on a quest to bring this vision to life. Check out the latest research, ideas and strategies transforming the way organizations look at food, technology, workplace experience, corporate responsibility and more and start creating the workplace of tomorrow, today.

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Catering and Food Services