Offshore Life

We created Offshore Life to meet your expectations regarding safety, well-being, cleanliness and comfort. These services are based on strict global standards and designed to ensure efficiency, performance and consistency.


Wellness & You
Wellness & You is our dietician-approved, balanced food offer - promoting healthy eating habits and nutrition awareness. Annual surveys ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

Essential & You
Our leading-edge cleaning service is best practice offshore. Staff are trained to use color-coded equipment, suitable materials and ensure detailed cleaning records.

Freshness & You
This is the laundry element of Offshore Life. It covers procedures for both work and personal clothing – respecting your timeframes and protocols.

Comfort & You
Housekeeping plays an important role in healthy living.  We make beds, change linen and monitor the condition of bedding, always respecting sleep and shift.

Safety & You
Safety & You is the on-site, visible part of our safety policy – including daily briefings, weekly meetings and ongoing training sessions.


Onshore and Engineering & Construction Projects
At Sodexo, we provide nutritious, well-balanced and healthy meals keeping in mind that Onshore and Engineering & Construction projects require a highly skilled workforce during construction and operations phases. We serve thousands of men and women on onshore camps across the Middle East.

Our client-centric organization and expertise in upstream, midstream and downstream environments positions us as an integrated partner that unlocks maximum value and reduces operating costs.

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Facilities Management Services

Did you know we provide Facilities Management Services specific to Offshore, Onshore and Engineering & Construction Projects?

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Workplace & Technical Services

Did you know we provide Technical Services specific to Offshore, Onshore and Engineering & Construction Projects?

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Employees meeting your offshore needs.

Serving your offshore teams

Our 1,400 employees on over 70 sites are working hard to provide your workforce with the high quality facilities and home comforts they deserve.