Making Life Offshore More Comfortable

Published on : 4/5/24
  • Offshore living is a job and lifestyle like no other. While the challenges are undeniable, the rewards attract thousands of people into the industry. Providing extra comfort can not only help recruit staff but improve morale and ultimately performance. Here’s what you need to know.

    Challenges of Living Offshore:

    The offshore lifestyle can be both mentally and physically draining. Working in tight spaces can bring a lack of privacy yet at the same time risk loneliness and isolation, particularly when away from friends and family. The demanding work schedules can put pressure on workers, while unpredictable and sometimes severe weather conditions can affect their mood. It’s certainly not a lifestyle for everyone, though employers can do a lot to ease these challenges.


    Rewards of Offshore Life

    Competitive salaries and associated benefits are perhaps the best-known attraction of working offshore, but there’s more to it than money. Many workers enjoy a deployment schedule followed by an extended period off work that makes it easier to pursue interests, travel, or simply relax at their leisure. Offshore work offers plenty of opportunities to learn skills and develop professionally, opening up options both inside the industry and in more traditional work. Meanwhile, the need to work productively and safely in challenging conditions means crew members develop a strong sense of community and support that’s not always present in other jobs.

    The Task for Operators

    This unique balance of challenges and rewards means offshore operators face a twin task in recruitment. In some cases, they need to tip the balance to attract people into the industry in the first place. In other cases, they need to compete with other operators to recruit the best talent. In both cases, boosting comfort and focussing on living conditions for staff can help this effort.


    Improving Comfort

    Experience shows that improving comfort and facilities is one of the most effective ways offshore operators can maintain and improve staff morale. Examples include:

    • Cleaning and comfort services such as cabin hygiene, housekeeping, and reliable laundry.
    • A variety of nutritious meals that mean food is a source of comfort and pleasure rather than merely fuel for the body.
    • Health and leisure facilities such as dedicated games rooms, organized activities, and gym access: remember that exercise can boost mental health as well as maintaining fitness.
    • Efficient design and physical organization that reduces the feeling of being cramped or restricted.
    • Establishing and maintaining safety and risk control procedures to give staff peace of mind.
    • Medical facilities including support for both physical and mental wellbeing.

    Providing these comforts for offshore workers makes for an effect that is more than the sum of its parts: it demonstrates a commitment to employees and shows they are valued. Sourcing suppliers and materials for multiple services may feel like too much of a commitment which is where a comprehensive outsourced package can come in.

    Introducing Sodexo Offshore Living

    Sodexo offers a full package of offshore management services that take care of equipment, staff, and organisation to give your staff the comforts they need. The Offshore Living service breaks down into four key components.

    The Comfort component takes services such as housekeeping, cabin cleaning, and laundry and goes beyond simple cleaning. By delivering consistent results without disrupting your staff, we help them feel more relaxed by giving them a clean, comfortable environment. It’s not just about making accommodation and facilities visibly clean, but about removing health risks to boost well-being.
    The Savour component takes catering to the next level. It has a strong emphasis on enhancing the dining experience, making meals that look good as well as tasting good. We’ve developed the art of taking locally sourced ingredients but presenting a variety of global dishes to make mealtimes a moment of joy rather than a predictable routine. We’re particularly experienced at working to a budget while maintaining quality.
    The Safe component uses a zero-harm mindset. As well as providing maintenance and inspection services, we can share our insights into putting safety at the heart of your operations and making sure everyone takes responsibility.
    The Plus component covers a range of other services: put simply, we take care of whatever is necessary to leave you to concentrate on core operations. This can be everything from helicopter administration to waste management. We can also redesign living and workspaces to be more efficient while pleasurable to use and even carry out refurbishments

    If you have any questions about Offshore Living by Sodexo or want to take the next steps, contact us today for more information.

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